Brown Multifunctional Dress


Chocolate brown variable dress that you can wear in many ways as well as a long skirt. This is another item from the collection of multifunctional ideas created by Majoranka. Perfect for travellers, minimalistic wardrobe and for all conscious women.

Material: 100% rayon

Colour: dark brown

Production:  designed and sewn  in the Czech Republic

Size: check your body measurements with our size chart .


There are bottomless pockets on the sides of the skirt. They change into sleeves by being pulled out so the dress can be created. Place the waist of the skirt on the shoulders, put your arms into the sleeves and you are wearing the dress.

Ways to wear it:

Variable dress that you can wear in many various ways.

LONG SKIRT that can be easily transformed into 4 DRESSES:

Brown long multifunctional skirt that you can wear as various dresses

The waistline is adjusted with a drawstring which is tied in the middle of the front side. The pockets are bottomless because they also serve as sleeves. Pull the pockets out to create sleeves.


1 – Dress with SLEEVES:

Three quarter sleeve summer dress Prague

Get the dress with sleeves by pulling out the bottomless pockets and changing waistline into neckline.

2 – OFF the SHOULDER dress:

Off the shoulder versatile slow fashion Dress Prague

Just pull the neckline off the shoulders.

3 – Dress with SHORT SLEEVES

Brown short sleeve multifunctional summer dress Prague

Simply roll the sleeves up.

4 – Dress with ONE SLEEVE:

One sleeve convertible summer dress Prague

Pull one sleeve into the dress (as in the case of the skirt) and place that side of the dress under the armpit.

5 – STRAPLESS dress:

Strapless variable dress Prague sustainable fashion

Hide both sleeves inside and tie the drawstring.


Brown strapless variable dress with a bow Prague

Tie the sleeves in front or on your back and tuck the endings of the sleeve under.

7 – HALTER NECK dress:

Halter neck variable slow fashion dress Prague

Pull out the drawstring from the middle of the front side and tie it behind the neck.

The skirt/dress is loose enough to hide the sleeves/pockets inside. They fall in very nicely.

15 cm side slit.

Video tutorial:

Try the dress or other items at my studio in Prague 7. Write me an email to arrange date and time and don´t forget to mention your size.

Return of the goods: Clothing can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery.

Additional information



32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44



Delivery time

at least 2 weeks

Delivery method

Collection (by appointment, Prague) – 0 Kč, Courier Service (Czech Republic 125 Kč , Slovakia 5,55 EUR )

Return of the Goods

The clothing can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery.


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