How to be GREEN and IN

As a young fashion designer I represent slow fashion, however, I am sitting in my studio, writing this blog while wearing clothes from H&M literally from head to toes. And I think that there is nothing wrong with me.

Most of you have certainly already heard about fashion revolution as well as slow fashion and the abnormal conditions accompanying production of fast fashion. Fashion revolution is a movement representing conscious shopping and production of (slow) fashion i.e. fashion made by local designers, ethically produced fashion and clothing made form eco-friendly materials.

I am a typical woman constantly feeling like I have nothing to wear while my wardrobe bursts at its seams. I pulled out everything that was in it and I found out that besides mine products there is only fast fashion along with infinite number of combinations for 365 or even 366 days of a year. I stopped complaining and I stopped shopping, too. It´s been a year and I do not need anything, I am happy. When I have nothing to wear, I open my closet. I have everything. You might say: “But you´re a fashion designer, you can sew something for yourself.“ Honestly, at the end of a day I am a shoeless cobbler. I am finishing my summer pants when winter comes… Simply said: slow fashion.

Around 10 years ago when I started designing and sewing clothes I was greatly impressed by old clothes that were left-off in the attic of our family house. It were the materials that inspired me the most. I was fascinated by the idea of changing the non-wearable into something new and fashionable. Firstly, I was sewing for myself, but later I opened my shop on (Slovakian version of Etsy). Another advantage was that I didn´t have to buy any new material, so I saved money. Well, I was avoiding buying new materials because I was afraid that I would destroy them as I was an inexperienced beginner and I didn´t want throw my tight budget away. As the time went on, I noticed that the demand for my clothes was growing, I began to combine recycled materials with new materials. For example, the dress in the picture:

The dress was made from blue flowery dress from the 80´s and some fabric that I bought in a shop around the corner. The size of the dress used to be XXL, so I had enough material to make 4 dresses. Perfect, isn´t it? 🙂

Nowadays, I sell my long-term collection (partly recycled, partly new) at Boho Vintage Concept Store in Prague. Majoranka and the vintage items fit together very well. I am a part of fashion revolution, but I know that the change cannot happen from one day to the next.  By the means of the outfit I want to show you GREEN and IN blend of the vintage fashion (gloves), slow fashion (recycled coat by Majoranka) and fast fashion (lovable dress from Reserved):

The coat is created from man´s blazer by Marks and Spencer made in the 80´s. I found it in a second hand shop and I bought it because of its unusual raspberry rose colour (that can be the reason why no man had worn it 😀 ) I didn´t hesitate and I started to give it the shape that I wanted. It had been a few weeks before I moved to Prague. I created a completely new woman´s coat. It was possible to make only size 36 ( 8 UK ). I added warm lining inside, so the coat is suitable also for mildly cold days.

Katka helped me with the styling and modeling. She knows very well how to make the the best impression by means of styling. Thank you very much, Katka.

If all of us were shopping only clothing made by local designers or slow fashion designers, it would be great. However, be realistic (with real unreal dreams 😉 ). I am very happy that there is the fashion revolution in the world because it highlights our senseless consumerism, abnormal conditions of employees who produce the beauty that we wear (I know how sewing hurts). These are the reasons why we should have a great regard for the clothes that we have, whether it is a slow fashion or fast fashion. I am not going to persuade anyone what is right, but next time think thoroughly what you buy and if you really need to wear something new every single day. Consider if it is worth to bring home another waste and if it is worth to be “super cool” at all costs. But I must say that the trend of shopping at second hands and vintage stores is a great step forward, girls.

A quick shift to the ideal slow fashion isn´t yet happening even at the studios of fashion designers. I know how expensive are the bio and eco materials that we want to use and that not all materials are suitable for particular designs. The good message is that the eco materials of a new generation and being developed and we can´t wait to process them at large.

It is just a question of time.

Mária Reváková / majoranka

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