About me

European slow fashion brand - Prague, Czech Republic

My name is Maria Revakova, I am a fashion designer from Slovakia currently living in Prague. My design activity is presented under the name “Majoranka”. I studied at fashion-focused high school in Prešov (Slovakia). After the high school, I studied English language at university, however, when I successfully finished my five-year studies, I came back to fashion design. I enjoyed the study of English language, but I´ve found a greater satisfaction in fashion design.


Majoranka offers comfortably elegant style for everyday wear. You can find a few upcycled items here as Majoranka loves using old (vintage) materials and giving old clothes a new life.

Looking for something special? Try multifunctional clothing that you can wear in many ways. It is perfect for travelling and minimalistic wardrobe.

Multifunctional dress that you can wear in many ways and also as a skirt. Made in Czech republic by fashion designer Maria Revakova


I am fascinated by old vintage materials, which I often use in my work. When choosing new materials, I´ve started to pay attention to their origin, environmental impact. I also still use materials that I bought in the past, when I was not so interested in slow fashion. Together with my brand, I am moving slowly towards better environmental friendliness and I want to thank you for your patience and for respecting my journey.


All pieces are made in the Czech Republic. I sew most of them myself, but I also cooperate with skilled tailors from Prague. One of the reasons why I started to create clothes was the revival of the clothing industry in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, so let´s  see how it develops it the future.

Bespoke wedding dress prague
Minimalistic wedding dress for Eliška ( photo krumpic.cz )
In 2012 I started selling my first designs online, I moved to Prague and spend 3 months at popular Czech fashion brand “Leeda” with its head-designer Lucie Kutálková through an internship programme. After the internship, I cooperated at organizing two seasons of a fashion event called “Prague Vintage Fair”. Since 2014, I have also been gaining experience with the occasional bespoke tailoring.
Vintage fashion event in Prague
(Prague Vintage Fair)
Later, I designed men´s T-shirts for Czech brand “Longbone” and I also cooperated as a fashion designer with “Rebel Fashion”.