Multifunctional clothing

Dress which you can wear in many various ways made in Prague

One piece of clothing that you can wear in many ways

Travel Dress

The dress makes your luggage light

It enables you to travel without a heavy suitcase

You can change its variations during the day according to the weather

Dress that you can wear im many ways, designed and made in Prague

Find more colour variants and cuts at Boho Vintage Concept Store or online here.

Yin Yang Slow Fashion Dress Prague


Made in Czech Republic

1 dress contains other 4 dresses, 

which eliminates excessive production and material

Universal piece of clothing that you are going to fall in love with 

and wear forever.

Black dress with golden buttons.


The dress saves space in your wardrobe.

Easy to combine and create outfits.

Perfect for capsule wardrobe.

Suitable for all occassions.