How my most successful dress came into existence

My bestseller continues. How to design the best dress when you do not have money for  useless haberdashery? Read to learn more.

It was year 2013 when I added blue dress with orange waist decor to my online shop. I called the dress “Helena“  because I designed and made them when there is Helena´s name in Slovak calendar (in Slovakia Helena celebrates her “name day“  on the 18th of August). This is its very first version:

Find more info about actual version of the dress here.

The dress is made from woven fabric. It is very soft, loose and its speciality is adjustable waistline – there are strings coming out of both sides of front part and from both side edges of back decor. So feel free to gain weight and loosen the waistline with the strings. At the time when I was designing the dress I didn´t have enough money to buy haberdashery, so I was looking for a way to create a dress without any zip, buttons, however, I wanted the dress to highlight women´s figure as sophisticated female figure is the basic element of my designs.

The dress has had a great success but the amount of the blue material was diminishing and the orange waist decor too. So I had to replace it with 3 alternatives:

100% polyester with crepe surface – narrow vertical lines (made in Czechia) – perfect for spring, summer, indian summer and various occasions.

100% rayon – light and soft summer dress material – perfect for summer and hot days

100% cotton – the customers who prefer natural materials – perfect for all seasons

The original waist décor was replaced with orange cotton lace. You can see the result of the new version on beautiful Anna Maria K.:

…and I hope that you like it.

The dress in the pictures is made from 100% polyester and the rayon version looks the same. The cotton version has a little bit different properties, so it  “behaves” differently on one´s body. To make it clear, look at its “indian sister” in the picture below or on this link.

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With Love,
Mária Revakova / majoranka


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