Pale Green 4 Dresses in 1 Skirt

The model is pictured 5 times: wearing long pale green skirt, dress with one sleeve, dress with two three quarter sleeves, strapless dress and dress tied behind neck. It is all one piece of clothing.
Model is wearing reversible long pale green skirt with pockets
Model is wearing reversible pale green midi dress with long sleeves
Model is wearing reversible pale green midi dress with one sleeve
Model is wearing pale green midi strapless dress with bow in front
Model is wearing palegreen reversible midi dress tied behind neck

Reversible dress developed for travellers who want to travel with a light backpack or want to reduce space in their suitcase. 

Long SKIRT that can be easily transformed into 4 DRESSES.

There are 5 ways how to wear it:

Long SKIRT with drawstring waist and fictitious pockets – when you pull them out, they become sleeves (for the “dress version”) and 


1 – Dress with SLEEVES can be created by pulling the pockets out so they change into sleeves; the neckline is adjusted with the drawstring.

2 – Dress with ONE SLEEVE and ONE NAKED SHOULDER – hide one sleeve inside a place the side of the dress under one armpit; adjust the “neckline” with drawstring again.

3 – STRAPLESS dress – hide both sleeves inside and set the string to the centre of the front side. Adjust the drawstring well so it will not fall down 😉

4 – Dress with a LACE TIED BEHIND the NECK – pull out the drawstring from the centre of the front side a tie it behind your neck.

The skirt/dress is loose enough to hide the sleeves/pockets inside. They fall in very nicely. 

Material: 100 % rayon.

Available on my etsy store:  or in Boho Vintage Concept Store, Francouzská 76, Prague.