Brown Variable Dress and Skirt

Wear one dress in many ways

Travel with a light  suitcase. 

Create the minimalist closet.

Sustainable / Practical / Ethical

Made in Prague

a slow fashion designer .

Available here or at

 Boho Vintage Concept Store, Francouzská 76, Prague.


The waistline is adjusted with a lace which is tied in the middle of the front side.

The pockets are bottomless because they also serve as sleeves.

Dress with sleeves

Get the dress with sleeves by pulling out the bottomless pockets and changing waistline into neckline.

Dress with short (rolled-up) sleeves

Just roll the sleeves up and enjoy another cool version.

Off the shoulders dress

Slide the dress off the shoulders and adjust is with the drawstring if necessary. (The neckline is flexible.)

Dress with one sleeve and one naked shoulder

Just slide it off one shoulder.

Dress with one sleeve and one naked arm

Hide one sleeve inside and place the side of the dress under one armpit; adjust the “neckline” with drawstring again.

Dress without sleeves

Hide both sleeves inside and tie the lace.

Strapless dress

The same as the previous one, however, don´t hide the sleeves, tie them twice and get a stylish bow in front or on the back.

Halter neck dress

Pull out the drawstring from the centre of the front side and tie it behind your neck.

Made and designed in Prague.

Material: 100 % rayon

Available at  Boho Vintage Concept Store, Francouzská 76, Prague.

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